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If you or someone you love could be using drugs, it is important to recognize when it is time to accept help from a drug rehab facility. Drug addiction involves the consistent abuse of drugs and the inability to stop. At some point, using the drugs or alcohol stops becoming a choice and becomes a necessity. At that point it is a chronic disease and you should seek help from an accredited drug rehab.

People with drug addictions are often compulsive, and will keep doing drugs in spite of the many negative consequences that come along with it. At this point, getting help from a drug rehab is not just recommended, it is a necessity. Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter is the drug rehab you’ve been looking for. We offer comprehensive programs that not only help our patients reach sobriety, but maintain sobriety life-long.

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Drug Addiction in Young Adults

People of all ages attend programs at drug treatment centers. Yet, the situation may be especially difficult for young people for multiple reasons. First, young people tend to have more difficulty with decision making and problem solving than their older counterparts in drug treatment centers. If they started using drugs at a young age, their normal development can be seriously altered due to the effects of the chemicals they’ve been using. In addition to this, young people tend to be more affected by their peers, and may feel more peer pressure and social anxiety. Because of these multiple challenges, young people often need the assistance of a drug rehab center to overcome the disease.

Young adults tend to abuse alcohol and marijuana as well as prescription medications the most. In fact, prescription drug abuse is highest among young people ages 18 to 25, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Treatment Center Options

When you’ve decided to seek help for your drug abuse or drug addiction, you’ll have a number of options. They include both inpatient and outpatient care. During inpatient treatment you’ll stay in a controlled environment while you go through drug detox and other drug addiction treatment.

Staying at the facility is especially recommended for those with more severe addictions. On the other hand, outpatient treatment has many of the same programs as inpatient treatment, but the addict does not stay at the center. This method is useful for those who still want to hold a job or attend school. The method in which you wish to be treated is your choice, but statistics have shown that people in inpatient care usually have lower relapse rates and a better chance at maintaining sobriety.

Other Programs in Treatment

Whatever type of drug or alcohol treatment you choose, you’ll likely take part in a host of activities aimed at helping you get well. You may be involved in group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. Our drug rehab offers individualized programs geared toward your needs. You may also be prescribed medications to help you avoid drugs or regulate your moods and cravings.

These medications are used during medical detox. In this program, a team of medical professionals will administer you decreasing doses of drugs, thus helping you wean off slowly. This is far safer than a home detox in which you might try to go “cold turkey.” Quitting cold turkey leads to a much higher chance of overdose or relapse.

Signs of Drug Abuse

If you or someone you know has started neglecting their responsibilities, taking serious risks in order to get the drugs, taking risks while they’re high on the drugs, continually running into trouble with the law, or is damaging their relationships, you may be dealing with drug abuse and addiction. It is never too late to call Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter and find the help necessary to overcome addiction. Call (561) 768-7644 today for around the clock support and guidance.

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