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Mental health issues often trigger addictions or vice versa and when a person is suffering from a mood disorder and a substance abuse problem it is called a dual diagnosis. When a person has co-occurring disorders they both must be treated. Dual diagnosis was not recognized and accepted until the 1990s. Prior to its acceptance, people with mental health symptoms were treated only for that problem. If it was known the individual also had a substance abuse problem they were usually denied mental health treatment until they were sober and off drugs. Many people were not helped.

The mental illness can be caused by drug addiction, but the drug addiction can also be caused by a preexisting mental illness; this depends on the addict’s unique case. Due to the complexity of the disease it is important that an addict or their loved ones seek help from Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter. Here we offer a comprehensive, individualized program that will boost an addict’s success in maintaining sobriety. Call us today at (561) 768-7644 and begin recovery on the right foot.

There are many psychiatric disorders that frequently go hand-in-hand with substance abuse and addictions of all kinds. These disorders include panic disorder, eating disorders, schizophrenia, depression, paranoia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders. These have all recently and commonly been related to dual diagnosis. The health care system is not set up properly to treat these co-occurring disorders. Therefore, private facilities such as Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter, are leading the way. Although the term dual diagnosis is relatively new, the disease has always been prevalent.

Methods of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

  • Sequential – This process treats the addict’s substance abuse habit before the mental health issue. The problem with this type of treatment is that during the time before the second phase many addicts relapse.
  • Separate – This system treats both disorders at the same time, but the addiction and the mental health issues are treated by different doctors. Neither physician knows the full history of the patient’s mental or physical health. The doctors do not want to aggravate the issue they are not treating so they are very cautious when it comes to dispensing prescriptions.

Every patient’s individual needs will be carefully analyzed by medical professionals and they will be assigned to a program right for them; this does not necessarily mean it will be specific to one of these methods listed above. Drug rehab centers offer a real chance of recovery for people with co-occurring disorders because the employees understand the depth of the disease.

An addict may attempt to deal with the trauma in their life, which could be anxiety, biochemical imbalances, or any other mental disorder, by turning to substances in hope of finding relief. In addition, a severe drug or alcohol addiction could lead a person to develop a type of mental health illness. Our facility provides programs for every unique case.

Treatment Options

Be very open and honest when discussing your needs with a potential dual diagnosis program, and tell them all the mental health disorders you are experiencing. If you are an alcoholic suffering from depression and an eating disorder, be sure to mention the eating disorder.

You need a treatment program that is prepared to handle all of your issues at the same time to aid you in a complete recovery. While all treatment programs have their own specific approach, choose one that allows you to be actively involved in setting your goals, offers education about your disorder, and helps you develop positive coping skills.

Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter offers all of this and more. Call us today at (561) 768-7644. Your new life is just a phone call away.

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