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When someone you love is using heroin, you often feel helpless and lost. Heroin addiction is a difficult topic to address, especially when you do not understand the illness. The first step in helping yourself or a loved one through heroin addiction is gaining insight on the disease and understanding what it entails. While you most likely will not be able to help an addict give up the drug on your own, becoming more knowledgeable in regards to heroin addiction can help persuade them to seek treatment.

Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter can help both the person struggling with heroin addiction, as well as their loved ones, find hope. If you are concerned about someone you care about, call us today at (561) 768-7644. By simply not seeking treatment, you could be fueling the disease.

Identifying a Heroin Addiction

Initially, it may be difficult to recognize someone on opiates. As he or she becomes more dependent on the drug and increases usage, the signs are more apparent. It is important to learn the early stages of heroin abuse so that it may be prevented from reaching a dangerous level.

Someone with a heroin addiction will show signs that they are using or have recently used the drug. They may change moods quickly and go from hyper alert to drowsy. Their arms and legs may feel heavy and they may want to sleep. Their pupils are small and they are short of breath. They may complain of a dry mouth.

Behavioral changes are also a sign of the addiction to heroin, often enhanced by the person’s desired to hide the truth from others. They may show a lack of interest in things they once enjoyed or believed to be important. You may catch the user in lies or notice that he or she is wearing long sleeves all of the time to hide needle marks. Speech is slurred or incoherent and the person avoids eye contact. If you confront the user about the problem, he or she may become angry or hostile.

The Power of the Drug

Heroin is an opioid, and like other opioids, it comes from the poppy plant. Several other drugs also come from the plant, some of them are prescription medicines, but all are addictive. Heroin is made from the morphine that is created from the plant. It inhibits the person’s nervous system and can be administered by smoking, snorting or through an injection. To get the fastest results, drug users often inject the drug.

People who take the drug enjoy a euphoric state that can last for a few hours. In this state, they may become drowsy and completely relaxed. The breathing becomes shallow, sometimes so shallow that it can be fatal. Long-term heroin users may end up with collapsed veins, infections, lung conditions and other illnesses. Heroin is often mixed with other drugs that can result in many other health issues such as overdose. The danger of sharing needles also can lead to a person contracting HIV or hepatitis.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

A person can receive either outpatient or inpatient treatment for the heroin addiction. However, the greatest chance of success is through inpatient treatment. The user is removed from the environment that encouraged or triggered the drug use in the first place. Regardless of the location of the treatment, medical detoxification is the first step.

The person must get past this point and go through withdrawal before he or she is considered clean and can begin therapy. Afterwards, drug rehab treatment will consist of individual or group behavioral therapy. In these sessions, the person learns new ways to deal with stress and how to recognize and avoid the triggers that led them to drug use in the first place.

Even after the initial treatment plan has been concluded, the person will need ongoing support stay healthy. He or she will need to surround themselves with a positive support network in order to avoid temptation and maintain the determination to stay sober. Working to overcome a heroin addiction is a long and painful process.

Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter can ease this process for the addict. Call us today at (561) 768-7644 and set up a proper treatment plan help ensure success.

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