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While many people think of detox as the biggest hurdle in overcoming an addiction, the relapse prevention is just as important. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 40% and 60% of people with an addiction suffer a relapse. Based on this, it is absolutely necessary that an addict develop a relapse prevention plan through a rehabilitation program.

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The Key to Preventing Relapses

The key to the best relapse prevention program is educating people on what their specific relapse triggers are. Our drug treatment plans include relapse prevention as part of the process. A relapse occurs when the person goes back to whatever substance he or she was using before entering a treatment program. It may happen immediately following detox, during the treatment plan, or any time afterwards. Relapse prevention is an ongoing process because addiction is a chronic condition.

This process does not just occur out of nowhere. It follows a set of phases or stages that lead to the person using again.

1. Negative emotions, including denial of a problem
2. Triggers such as additional stress or entering a bad situation
3. Inner feelings of chaos and negativity followed by outside problems
4. A feeling of being out of control
5. Thoughts of the drug of choice
6. Being in a high-risk situation where the drug is readily available

At this point, the person is more likely to take the drink or use the drug than to walk away.

Warning Signs

Because a setback does not just happen out of the blue, you can look for the signs that the person is heading in the wrong direction and stop him or her before they return to drugs or alcohol; this is if they cannot stop themselves.

One of the common signs of future relapse is compulsive behaviours. Long before a person chooses to go back to the drug, he or she will engage in other compulsive behaviours as a way to cope with stress or emotional challenges. It may be overeating, overworking or even over-exercising. The issue here is that the person is using some external behaviour to attempt to relieve inner turmoil instead of using the keys to dealing with problems that he or she is learning in recovery.

The person also begins to act the same way as when he or she was using. You may notice moodiness, irritability and other symptoms from the past. Even though they are not yet using, it is a serious warning sign. The person often becomes defensive when these changes are mentioned.

You may also notice that the person has begun to hang around with some of the old friends from the drug or drinking days. He may say he just wants to check up those friends, but it is a clear indication that something is not right. At the same time, the person will begin to remove the positive elements from her life.

How Treatment Centers Prevent Relapse

Drug rehab centers do not just focus on treating the addiction through medical detoxification. They also focus on helping the person maintain sobriety for the long term. They teach the person to be aware of potential triggers and situations and help them learn how to avoid them. For situations that cannot be avoided, they assist the patient with developing a plan to handle them in the right way.

Part of prevention treatment may be dealing with underlying problems, such as past trauma or emotional issues. The person learns alternative ways of handling their issues instead of turning to drugs or alcohol. Many centers create an individualized plan to help the person stay drug or alcohol free.

The battle over substance addiction is not won in a day, a week or even a month. It is an ongoing process. When the person is given the right tools and resources to prevent a setback, the chance of success is much higher. Allow Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter to increase your success rate. Call us today at (561) 768-7644.

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