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Do you think that a loved one may need to go to substance abuse rehab? Perhaps you believe that they are struggling with a drug or alcohol dependence, and you know that the professional care they will receive at a substance abuse rehab gives them a better chance to beat the addiction than trying to get through it on their own. Perhaps you’ve talked with them and they’ve denied that they have a problem, which is one of the key warning signs of addiction and one of the reasons people often end up in a substance abuse rehab facility.

If so, you need to know what other warning signs to look for so that you can be sure that entering a substance abuse rehab program is the best thing for them. Below are a few common warning signs of addiction. For help immediately, call Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter at (561) 768-7644.

A Withdrawn Personality

People who need to go to drug abuse treatment centers may become withdrawn, as they allow their addictions to become more important than anything else in their lives. For example, your loved one may stop spending time with you on the weekends or start declining plans they once enjoyed. Many addicts know that they cannot take drugs or other substances while they are with a group that does not take part in drug or alcohol abuse. Therefore, they must withdraw to hide these tendencies.

Frequent Use

Of course, the most common sign that someone needs substance abuse treatment could be the fact that they start using the substance more frequently and to a greater extent. A person may have always consumed alcohol, but their use may increase to the point that you notice they are consuming too many drinks on a regular basis.

Lack of Money

Alcohol and drug addictions take a financial toll. You may notice that someone who has an addiction seems to be out of money quite often because they are spending it on these drugs. They may even start to sell things. Addicts may become desperate and begin to steal or sell personal, important items just to finance their habit.

Physical Signs

The type of abuse that can land people in substance abuse rehab also takes a physical toll. People may seem tired and fatigued all of the time. They may have trouble sleeping or, conversely, getting up in the morning. They may get sick more often or have physical marks on their body. This is typical with hard drugs, especially ones that involve needles.

Additionally, there are physical signs of withdrawal that may indicate someone needs to go to a treatment center. If they do not use the substance for a significant amount of time they could become very sick both mentally and physically. Drug rehab centers truly are the best way for people to get help when they are abusing alcohol, drugs or any other substances. Once in rehab, they can get the counseling that they need, find positive support groups, and remove themselves from situations that may trigger relapse.

For additional information on treating substance abuse and addiction, please call Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter at (561) 768-7644.

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